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  • Just got it today, it's great.

    Thanks again.

    M.M., Boulder, CO

  • Hi David Hope you are well Just letting you know that the necklace just arrived and it looks great better than I expected and superb value... my wife just loves mushrooms.

    S.S., Kristiansand, Norway

  • Hey I just got it in today, it looks great!!!!
    You may be hearing from me in the future!!
    Thanks again!

    Z.H., Madison, SD

  • I love the necklaces, and so does my fiance who they were for!

    Thank you

    S.W., Wilmington, DE

  • Received my first order on Monday, ordered more items on Tuesday. Love the wares!

    The light is my paint. ...

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Welcome to Hemp Necklace Store a great place to shop for all kinds of unique and original hemp necklaces and bracelets. I'm glad you have come to my website. I am adding new necklaces and bracelets all the time so check back often.

I have a large selection of hemp jewelry. Each one of my hemp necklaces and bracelets is beautifully designed and crafted of only the finest products. Check out all the designs and materials available.

I have beaded and dyed hemp necklaces and bracelets available in with the following kinds of beads. Glass, wooden, shells, semi-precious gems and stones, bone beads and carved beads.

I also have many colors to choose from including black and rainbow.

I have available cool beaded mushroom pendants for hippie guys and girls who love shrooms.

Express your faith with a cross buy one of the many I have for sale. I have men's crosses and womens.

My prices are cheap.

I have mens styles and big thick phat hemp. A necklace or bracelet can make a great gift for a friend, child, lover or loved one.

Most of my jewelry is adjustable. Most of my necklaces are sized to be adjustable to either a necklace or a choker. So if you like wearing chokers a necklace can be adjusted to the right size. Also most of the bracelets are sized to be adjustable to work as either a bracelet or an anklet. So if you like wearing anklets a bracelet can be adjusted to the right size.