It’s evident that fall is here, with the leaves changing color and the dropping temperatures. This is perhaps the best time to prepare your home for the upcoming holidays.

One of the things that you’ve got to prepare for the cold months is your landscape and lawn. Today, we are going to share with you some tips to prepare your Spring TX landscaping.

Clean Up

During this fall, the leaves will start falling. Because of this, you’ll have to clean out your gutters as well as any landscape beds and window wells. Your lawn will have to be raked free of debris and leaves to avoid snow mold and dead patches in the spring.


It is time for you to winterize your sprinkler system. You should not forget about your water feature and pond as well. Pumps have to be pulled and stored. You will have to store it over the winter as well. This depends on the form of water feature you have. This will help avoid damage.

Are Your Plants at Risk for Illness?

You should always be on the lookout for Spruce Need Cast, Mildew, and Apple Scab. Figuring out these illnesses now can save your plants by getting them on the right application program in the fall.

Prune The Trees

Every non-spring blooming shrub has to be pruned during the fall season. Prune the shrubs to get rid of the dead flowers, and for size and shape. If you do not know how to prune your shrub properly, there are a lot of guides on the internet that you can read for free. In addition to that, you’ve got to ensure to burlap your plants that are at risk of damage if deer are a problem for your plants. You can also try using a deer guard.


To help improve the roots of your plants and help them to store energy to get through the harsh winter season, fall is the ideal time to apply an application of dormant fertilizer. This will help your plants beautifully bloom for the next season. You can guarantee a more beautiful and an earlier spring for your plants if you apply fertilizer now.

Do Not Ignore Your Plants

The season for leafy and flowering plants is almost ending. You should not forget about them simply because they aren’t in their summer appearance anymore.

Keep Everything Short

You should lower your mowing height in the colder months of November and October. During late fall, the best height for lawns is 2 to 2.5 inches.

Do Not Skip the Fertilizer

Offering your lawn the nutrients it requires now will help it green up faster and recover when spring arrives. In addition to that, you can help prevent weeds from sprouting in early spring if you apply broadleaf weed control now.

Allow Your Lawn to Breathe

Think about overseeding and core aeration. All lawns benefit from a fall overseed and core aeration, whether your lawn is healthy or not. Core aeration opens your lawn so it could obtain oxygen, water, and nutrients.